Saint Neaniskos the Martyr

Saint Neaniskos lived in the time of Maximius, the ruler of Alexandria. During the persecution of the Church by Emperor Diocletian (284-304), a female slave denounced the most wise and handsome athlete of Christ. The ruler tortured him for seven days in various ways, trying to make him deny Christ. When the tyrant saw that he was unable to do so, he ordered him to be put to death.

As he was led to the place of execution, he noticed the slave girl who betrayed him in the crowd that had followed him. Then Saint Neaniskos made signs for her to approach him, and when she came near he gave her his gold ring as a token of his gratitude; because by her complaint he would now draw near to Christ, Whom he had desired for so long, and he would inherit everlasting life. When they arrived at the place of execution, he prayed for a time, and then they beheaded him.