Saint Kanides the Monk of Cappadocia

Saint Kanides was born during the reign of Emperor Theodosios the Great (ca. 379). He was the son of godly parents, Theodotos and Theophano, who lived in Cappadocia. According to Tradition, the Saint’s mother did not eat any fatty foods during the nine months when she was pregnant; and even when the saint was still a child, she was careful about what she ate.

When he was yet a small child, he became attracted to the solitary life, and at the age of seven he went to a mountain where he lived in a cave, fasting and praying. It is said that he ate only one meal of uncooked vegetables per week. Because of the great dampness of this cave, all the hair of his head and his beard fell out.

After living an ascetical and righteous life, he reposed in peace at the age of seventy-three, in the year 460.