Synaxis of the Saints of Diveyevo

The Holy Trinity St. Seraphim-Diveyevo Convent was founded in 1760 when the Mother of God appeared in a dream to a woman named Agatha in the village of Diveyevo and promised that she would build a great women's monastery there. Agatha also built a church in honor of the Kazan Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos on the spot where she had appeared. Later, Agatha received the monastic tonsure and the new name Alexandra, and she became the first Igoumeness of the new Convent.

The Most Holy Theotokos chose Diveyevo as her "fourth portion in the inhabited world." The others are Mount Athos, Georgia, and Kiev's Holy Trinity Lavra of the Caves. She also promised that God's mercy and grace would be gathered there from the other three portions.

Venerable Alexandra Mel'gunova (+ June 13, 1789)

Martyr Daria Slushinskaya (+ August 5/18,1919)

Martyr Daria Timagina (+ August 5/18,1919)

Venerable Elena Manturova (+ May 28, 1832)

Martyr Eudokia Shikova (+ August 5/18,1919)

Martyr Jacob Gusev (+ December 16/29 1937)

Martyr Maria of Puzo (+ August 5/18,1919)

Blessed Maria Ivanovna Fedina, Fool for Christ (+ August 26/ September 8, 1937)

Martyr Maria Neizvestnaya, Suborovskaya (+ August 5,1919)

Martyr Michael Gusev (+ December 16/29 1937)

Venerable Martha Milyukova (+ August 21,1829)

Martyr Pelagia Testova (+ October 21/November 3, 1944)

Confessor Matrona (Vlasova) of Diveevo, (+ October 25/November 7, 1963)

Blessed Natalia Dmitrievna-“Natashenka” of Diveevo (+ February 22/March 7, 1900

Blessed Paraskeve (Pasha) Ivanovna Semyonovna, Fool for Christ (+ September 22, 1915)

Blessed Pelagia Ivanovna Semyonovna (+ January 30, 1884)

Pelagia (Testova) of Diveevo (+1944) Commemorated on October 21/November 3

Venerable Seraphim of Sarov (January 2 and July 19)

Hieromartyr Seraphim (Chichagov (+ November 28, 1937)

Hieromartyr Seraphim of Dmitrov (+ August 13/26, 1937)

Martyr Xenia Cherlina-Brailovskaya (+ September 2/15,1937)