Synaxis of the Hierarchs of Moscow

The celebration of a special day to honor Saints Peter, Alexis, and Jonah, the Metropolitans and Wonderworkers of All Russia was established by Patriarch Job on October 5, 1596. In 1875, Saint Innocent, Metropolitan of Moscow proposed that Saint Philip be included with the others. Saint Ermogenes was added only in the year 1913. In 2005 the Church of Russia added Saint Innocent, Saint Macarius, Saint Job, Saint Tikhon, Saint Philaret, Saint Peter Polyansky, and Saint Macarius Nevsky.

By celebrating these hierarchs on a common day, the Church offers each of them equal honor, as heavenly protectors of the city of Moscow and prayerful intercessors for Russia.

Information about the lives of these holy Hierarchs is to be found under the dates of their commemoration:

Saint Peter (December 21 and August 24)

Saint Alexis (February 12 and May 20)

Saint Jonah (March 31, May 27, and June 15)

Saint Macarius (December 30)

Saint Philip (January 9 and July 3 )

Saint Job (April 5 and June 19)

Saint Ermogenes (February 17 and May 12 )

Saint Tikhon (April 7 and October 9)

Saint Philaret (November 19)

Saint Peter Polyansky (September 27)

Saint Macarius Nevsky (February 16)