Saint Publia the Confessor, Deaconess of Antioch

The holy Martyr Publia the Confessor, a deaconess of Antioch, became a widow at a young age and devoted all her strength to raising her son John in the Christian Faith. John became a presbyter, and Publia, for her prudent and ascetic life, was found worthy of becoming a deaconess. She undertook the guidance of widows and young women who wished to devote themselves to the service of God, and she organized a monastery in her home. During the persecution of Christians under the emperor Julian the Apostate (361-363), Saint Publia and the sisters denounced the reprobate.

When the emperor made his way to Publia’s house, the sisters loudly sang Psalm 113/114, denouncing idol-worship. The emperor’s soldiers fiercely beat the venerable abbess, but she endured the beating with forbearance.

Saint Publia did not live long after this, but peacefully fell asleep in the Lord.