Martyr Mirax of Egypt

The Holy Martyr Mirax was born into a Christian family living in the city of Tanis (Egypt) during the seventh century. He was raised in piety, but yielded to demonic temptation and trampled on a cross. He went to the Emir, the ruler of Egypt, and taking his sword in hand, he declared himself a Moslem.

His parents, grieving over the terrible downfall of their son, incessantly prayed for him. And then the grace of God illumined the heart of the prodigal. He deeply repented and returned home. His parents counselled him to acknowledge his fall into darkness and to show his repentance. Saint Mirax obeyed them. He went before the Emir and announced that he had become a Christian once more. The ruler condemned him to tortures, after which the saint was beheaded and cast into the sea (this occurred around the year 640).