Saint Tryphon, Bishop of Rostov

Saint Tryphon, Bishop of Rostov was head of Moscow’s Novospassky (New Savior) monastery and was confessor to Great Prince Basil the Dark. On May 23, 1462 he was consecrated as Bishop of Rostov by Metropolitan Theodosius of Moscow.

In 1466, he retired to the Savior monastery in Yaroslavl, where he died on December 30, 1468 (certain local documents indicate the year 1466). His commemoration was transferred to February 1, it seems, so that he would be honored with his namesake Saint Tryphon of Lampsacus. Saint Prochorus was also buried at this monastery, as the schemamonk Tryphon, also a Bishop of Rostov, who died in 1328 (September 7).