Martyrs Maximus, Theodotus, Hesychius, and Asclepiodota, of Adrianopolis

The Holy Martyrs Maximus, Theodotus, Hesychius and Asclepiodota suffered for the Faith at Adrianopolis, during the persecution under the emperor Maximian (305-311). The holy martyrs endured many sufferings. At first they tied them to a tree and tore them with iron hooks. After this, they led them from city to city, and then gave them to be eaten by wild beasts.

Kept safe by the grace of God, the holy martyrs remained unharmed. Finally, they received a martyr’s death at the hands of the torturers. Saint Asclepiodota was thrown to the ground and beaten, and then they tied her to a tree and threw stones at her. Finally, she was beheaded.