Nine Martyrs of Perge in Pamphilia

During the reign of Diocletian (284-305) nine holy Martyrs, Leontios, Attos, Alexander, Kindeos, Mnesitheos, Kyriakos, Mineon and Eukles were put to death at Perge in Pamphilia. Eight of them were farmers by profession, but Mineon was a carpenter. They were Christians from their early childhood, and they remained so after reaching adulthood.

One evening, they all decided to suffer martyrdom for Christ, so they went to the pagan temple of Artemis and destroyed all the idols. After this they were arrested by the pagans, who questioned them and then tortured them. First they burned their sides, and then they scraped their flesh with iron claws. Finally, they took torches and stabbed them in the eyes. Then they were thrown into prison without any food or water. After a while, they were taken out and thrown into a cage of wild beasts in order to be devoured by them. Although the animals had not been fed, they sat calmly and did not approach the Saints. Those who saw this miraculous event were astonished and shouted: "Great is the God of the Christians."

Then a miracle occurred. Immediately, there was the sound of thunder, lightning flashed, and rain began to fall. At the same time a voice was heard, inviting the Saints to heaven. As soon as the Saints heard this voice, they rejoiced. After this, the tyrant became so angry that he ordered soldiers to behead them. In this manner the suffering of the nine Saints came to an end, and they entered into the eternal Kingdom.