Hieromartyr Euthymios of Rhodes

The glorious Hieromartyr Euthymios was elected as the Metropolitan of Rhodes, when the Ottomans occupied the island in 1523. During those difficult years, Saint Euthymios shepherded his flock in a God-pleasing manner. In 1529, he was arrested as the leader of a conspiracy against the Turks and was impaled on a stake along with other clergymen and leading citizens of Rhodes.

Metropolitan Euthymios was honored as a martyr by the Christians immediately after his death. The Latin Missionary Peter Fangonis, Vicar General of the Latin Archbishop Alfonso Gonzaga, states in his report to the Roman Catholic Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith that the tomb of the blessed Euthymios had become the most prominent site of pilgrimage on Rhodes, and that those who went there suffering from the quaternary fever "malaria," and the chills and fever that went with it, were healed.