Saints Eutychius and Florentius of Nursia

Saints Eutychius and Florentius were monks living an ascetical life in a monastery of the Valcastoria region of Nursia in Italy during the VI century. Saint Eutychius converted many to God by his teaching, and when the Igoumen of a nearby monastery died, they asked Eutychius to become its Superior. He consented, but continued to be concerned with his former monastery, where his fellow ascetic Florentius remained.

Saint Florentius performed many miracles during his lifetime. He tamed a bear, and trained it to serve him. It tended the sheep, carried water, and obeyed the Elder's commands. Jealous of the fame of Saint Florentius, four monks killed the bear. The Saint prayed that the wrath of God would fall upon the murderers. So it came to pass, just as he said. The monks were stricken with leprosy, and died shortly afterward. When he learned that the monks were dead, Saint Florentius was saddened and distressed, considering himself the murderer of those monks. He wept for them the rest of his life.

Saint Eutychius did not work any miracles during his lifetime, but after his repose his cloak began to produce miracles of healing. During a drought in 1492, the people of Nursia went to the fields with his cloak, and God sent rain. Saint Eutychius went to the Lord on May 23, 540, and Saint Florentius, on June 1, 547.

Saint Gregory Dialogus (March 12) extolled their virtues and miracles in Book III of his Dialogues.

Saints Eutychius and Florentius are commemorated on May 23 in Greek usage.