Venerable Gregory Domesticus of the Great Lavra, Mount Athos

Saint Gregory Domesticus (leading chanter) was the contemporary of Saint John Koukouzelis, and lived in the Great Lavra of Mt. Athos in piety and asceticism. Like Saint John, he also sang in the right choir in the Great Lavra, and was even called Gregory Koukouzelis in honor of his instructor. Saint Gregory was known for his technical skill and for the sweetness of his voice. He chanted the Vigil service with great reverence and compunction, never sitting down in church.

Patriarch Callistus I (June 20) had started the practice of singing “All of creation rejoices” at the Liturgy of Saint Basil in place of “It is truly meet....” Patriarch Philotheus (October 8), who succeeded him, restored “It is truly meet” to Saint Basil’s Liturgy. Soon after this Saint Gregory sang “All of creation rejoices” at Liturgy on the eve of Theophany in the presence of Patriarch Gregory of Alexandria. The Most Holy Theotokos appeared to Saint Gregory and thanked him for singing the hymn in her honor. She also handed him a gold coin. From that time forward, “All of creation” has been sung at the Liturgy of Saint Basil.

Saint Gregory fell asleep in the Lord in 1355.