Protomartyr and Equal of the Apostles Thekla - Troparion & Kontakion

Troparion — Tone 4

You were enlightened by the words of Paul, O Bride of God, Thekla, / And your faith was confirmed by Peter, O Chosen One of God. / You became the first sufferer and martyr among women, / By entering into the flames as into a place of gladness. / For when you accepted the Cross of Christ, / The demonic powers were frightened away. / O all-praised One, intercede before Christ God that our souls may be saved.

Kontakion — Tone 8

O glorious Thekla, virginity was your splendor, / The crown of martyrdom your adornment and the faith you trust! / You turned a burning fire into refreshing dew, / And with your prayers appeased pagan fury, O First Woman Martyr!