Troparia and kontakia for July 4

Saint Andrew, Archbishop of Crete

Troparion — Tone 5

Like the Prophet David / You sang a new song / In the assembly of the righteous. / As an initiate of the Holy Spirit / You thundered forth your hymns of grace / And the word of righteousness for our salvation, / O Andrew, glory of the fathers.

Kontakion — Tone 2

You sounded forth divine melodies like a trumpet / And were a bright lamp for the world. / You shone with the light of the Trinity, O righteous Andrew. / Therefore we cry to you: Ever intercede for us all!

Venerable Andrew Rublev the Iconographer

Troparion — Tone 3

Shining with the rays of divine light, / O venerable Andrew, / You knew Christ the wisdom and power of God. / By means of the image of the Holy Trinity / You preached to all the world the Holy Trinity in unity. / And we, with amazement and joy, cry out to you: / As you have boldness before the Most Holy Trinity / Pray that the Uncreated Light / May illumine our souls!

Kontakion — Tone 2

Like a trumpet, you clearly sounded the sweetness of divine hymns, / and were revealed as a brilliant beacon shining on the world with the light of the Trinity. / Therefore, we all cry to you, venerable Andrew: / “Unceasingly pray for us all.”

Venerable Martha, mother of Venerable Simeon Stylites the Younger

Troparion — Tone 8

The image of God was truly preserved in you, O Mother, / for you took up the Cross and followed Christ. / By so doing, you taught us to disregard the flesh, for it passes away; / but to care instead for the soul, since it is immortal. / Therefore your spirit, O venerable Martha, rejoices with the angels.

Burial of Saint Andrew the Prince

Troparion — Tone 8

O Champion of Orthodoxy, teacher of purity and of true worship, / The enlightener of the universe and the adornment of the Hierarchs: / O all-wise Father Andrew, your teachings have gleamed with light upon all things. / Intercede before Christ our God to save our souls!

Kontakion — Tone 2

Divine truth became glorious melodies in your mouth, O holy Andrew; / Therefore you became a guiding star illumined by the light of the Trinity. / We faithful cry out to you: / Never cease to intercede that our souls may be saved!