Troparia and kontakia for March 4

Venerable Gerasimus of the Jordan

Troparion — Tone 1

Dweller of the desert and angel in the body, / you were shown to be a wonderworker, our God-bearing Father Gerasimus. / You received heavenly gifts through fasting, vigil, and prayer: / healing the sick and the souls of those drawn to you by faith. / Glory to Him who gave you strength! / Glory to Him who granted you a crown! / Glory to Him who through you grants healing to all!

Kontakion — Tone 4

Father, you burned with heavenly love, / preferring the harshness of the Jordan desert to all the delights of the world. / Therefore, a wild beast served you until your death; he died in obedience / in grief on your grave. / Thus God has glorified you, / and when you pray to Him / remember us, Father Gerasimus.

Right-believing Prince Daniel of Moscow

Troparion — Tone 3

You have appeared to our land as a shining star / O faithful prince Daniel! / Your light illumined your city and monastery! / O champion of the Orthodox, / deliverer of captives, / advocate of the poor, / O sovereign of Russia pray to Christ God / to grant us peace and save our souls!