Troparia and kontakia for December 23

Forefeast of the Nativity of our Lord

Troparion — Tone 4

Prepare, O Bethlehem, for Eden has been opened to all! / Adorn yourself, O Ephratha, for the tree of life blossoms forth from the Virgin in the cave! / Her womb is a spiritual paradise planted with the Divine Fruit: / If we eat of it, we shall live forever and not die like Adam. / Christ comes to restore the image which He made in the beginning!

Kontakion — Tone 3

Today the Virgin comes to the cave / to give birth to the Eternal Word. / Hear the glad tidings and rejoice, O universe! / Glorify with the angels and the shepherds / the Eternal God, who is willing to appear as a little child!

10 Holy Martyrs of Crete

Troparion — Tone 3

Let us show forth our great praise of Crete / That brought forth these precious Christians: the pearls of Christ! / And these blessed ten, the offspring of martyrs, / Who though few in number, overcame all the deceits of powerful demons. / Therefore these martyrs of Christ have been crowned with victory!

Kontakion — Tone 3

The noble struggle of the martyrs / Shines forth as the morning star, / Shedding brilliant light for us / On the One who was born in the cave / To whom the Virgin gave birth without human seed.