“Our Lady of Sitka” Icon of the Mother of God - Troparion & Kontakion

Troparion — Tone 4

Today, like the morning sun rising over us, / your all-honored icon enlightens the world with rays of mercy / and our land reverently receives it / as a divine gift from on high, / glorifying you, O Birthgiver of God, Our Lady of Sitka, / with joy magnifying Christ our God Who was born of you. / Pray to Him O Lady Mary, Queen and Theotokos / that all cities and lands be protected from our enemies, / and that they will be saved who in faith venerate your most pure icon / that has come to dwell with us, O Virgin Mother, / who shows us the way to Christ.

Kontakion — Tone 8

O Mother of God, chosen from all generations to be the protectress of the Christian people; / we offer you songs of thanksgiving for your wonderworking Icon that has come to Alaska. / You are a fountain of mercy and help all who seek refuge in you. / Defend us in all afflictions, necessities and tribulations that we may cry to you: / Rejoice, zealous defender of the Orthodox faithful in America.