Checklist for Outings

Before the day of the outing did you ...

  • Coordinate with the site you plan on visiting?
  • Schedule and acquire suitable and sufficient transportation?
  • Decide on and make arrangements for meals?
  • Recruit or assign enough volunteers or staff for the outing?

Before you leave do you have with you ...

  • Directions in all vehicles?
  • Money, check, tickets etc.?
  • Insurance and release forms?
  • Head Count for total staff and youth in all vehicles?
  • Back-up Plan for bad weather?
  • All your kids?

When you arrive ...

  • Go over the rules of conduct with the youth, again.
  • Check the schedule with the on-site coordinators.
  • Inform staff and youth of the schedule of on-site activities.
  • Inform the staff and youth of meal times and location.
  • Select one or more stationary positions with staff as well as one or more wandering staff.
  • Select one stationary position as the central meeting and check-in point.
  • Inform all staff and youth of the central meeting point and check-in times.
  • Inform all youth to make sure that they have a good time!

When you are ready to leave ...

  • Meet at the central meeting point.
  • Take a head count and make sure all are present and accounted for.
  • Once all youth and staff are accounted for, process out to the vehicles to take you home.
  • Once everybody is in their vehicles, take another head-count.
  • Proceed home.
  • Make sure all youth are returned to where they are supposed to be, as previously arranged.

When you return and all youth have been sent home ...

  • File your forms for later use.
  • Make copies of any used incident reports and file them with parish and diocese.
  • Thank all staff for a job well done.
  • Note any disciplinary measures that need to be taken regarding future outings.
  • Submit all expenses and receipts to the appropriate office or individual.

Taken from the OCA Resource Handbook for Lay Ministries