My Church, Our Home

By Bev Cingolani

as used at the 13th All American Council in Orlando, FL ,2002

This study unit is designed for ages 10-12. For children ages 6 and under, see The House That God Built. For youth ages 7-9, see God's Blueprint.

What's Inside:

Introduction to Design Format

In this design, one starts with the end, the desired results, and then identifies the evidence necessary to determine that the results have been achieved. (Understanding By Design, Wiggins and McTighe)

The Understandings help us to determine what students should know, understand and begin to internalize. What is worthy of understanding: What concepts and ideas do we want to be enduring and not learned and quickly forgotten?

The Essential Questions help students and teacher to discover the big ideas we want student to come to understand. We want to create students who actively think an essential question through to a logical conclusion, and then are able to personalize the information. This provides a more meaningful learning experience for the student. Using the essential questions with the students before the lessons begin helps the student use previous knowledge, and determine the focus/topic of the lesson.

The Skills section is designed for the teacher’s specific use, to enable the students to understand and respond to the content. This can include, but is not limited to, vocabulary, reading, debating, research skills, key facts, journal writing skills, writing process skills etc.

The Activities should be learning experiences that will engage students in exploring the big ideas and the Essential Questions. The first activities can be designed as a hook that point toward the Understandings and the Essential Questions. They should be thought provoking, challenging and exciting.

There should also be a time set aside at the end of each lesson to allow the students to reflect and rethink their learning. These activities are usually the ones that have “staying” power. They can be whole group reflections in which all students participate, but it could also include a time for personal reflection in a journal, a diary etc.