Glory to God for all things!

Web Team

Fr. John Schroedel Technical Manager
Matushka Jessica Fuhrman Web Content Manager
Barry Migyanko Directories
Fr. Joseph Frawley Feasts and Saints Editor

2011 Website

The Orthodox Church in America relaunched with a new architecture, design, approach, and systems in the summer of 2011.

The architecture of the site was created by Ginny Nieuwsma with assistance from JD Graffam, Fr. Eric Tosi, Fr. John Schroedel, and Ryan Platte.

The design was created by John Mears and JD Graffam, who carefully incorporated input from Fr. Eric Tosi, Ginny Nieuwsma, Ryan Platte, and Fr. John Schroedel. Technical implementation and legacy content import was done in ExpressionEngine by Fr. John Schroedel.

Fr. John Matusiak, Ginny Nieuwsma, Ryan Platte, Jessica Fuhrman, and Greg Sulich worked with Fr. Eric Tosi to prepare the site content for launch.

John Burns updated the Orthodox Church in America logo. Using the essence of the former design, he refined the typography, redrew the illustration, and established color and usage guidelines.

Fr. John Schroedel, Inoa Technologies Developer
JD Graffam and John Mears, Simple Focus Designers
John Burns, John Burns Lettering & Design Logo Designer


The text of the New Testament is provided courtesy of the Thomas Nelson Publishing Company for use only on the web site of The Orthodox Church in America.

Paul Kachur contributed code used for the Scripture Readings and Feasts and Saints.

Fr. Timothy Barkley has assisted the webteam by providing corrections needed to both update and fix numerous issues in the Feasts and Saints section.