Liturgical music for Theophany.

Troparion and Kontakion

Troparion (Lvov-Bakhmetev - "You/Your" version)
Troparion (Lvov-Bakhmetev - "Thou/Thy" version)
Troparion (Byzantine Chant, Lawrence)
Troparion (Kievan Chant) 
Kontakion (Lvov-Bakhmetev - "You/Your" version) 
Kontakion (Lvov-Bakhmetev - "Thou/Thy" version) 
Kontakion (Greek Chant - "You/Your" version) 
Kontakion (Greek Chant - "Thou/Thy" version) 
Kontakion (Galician Melody - "You/Your" version) 
Kontakion (Galician Melody - "Thou/Thy" version) 


Lord I Call – Tone 2 - (Lvov-Bakhmetev) 
Stichera on Lord, I Call - (Lvov-Bakhmetev) 

Lord I Call – Tone 2 - (Kievan, B. Ledkovsky)
Stichera on Lord, I Call - (Kievan, B. Ledkovsky)

Doxastichon at Lord, I Call - (Kievan, B. Ledkovsky)

Great Prokeimenon - (Lvov-Bakhmetev)

Troparion after the Third Reading - (Kievan, B. Ledkovsky)
Troparion after the Sixth Reading - (Kievan, B. Ledkovsky)

Blessing of Water

Stichera - (Lvov-Bakhmetev) 
Prokeimenon - (Lvov-Bakhmetev; Abbrev Znamenny) 
Concluding Sticheron - (Lvov-Bakhmetev)

Great Compline

Hymn to Angels - (Lvov-Bakhmetev) 
Hymn to Angels - (Kievan, B. Ledkovsky)

Litya - (Lvov-Bakhmetev) 
Litya - (Kievan, B. Ledkovsky)

Aposticha - (Lvov-Bakhmetev)
Aposticha - (Kievan, B. Ledkovsky)

Doxastichon at Aposticha - (Kievan, B. Ledkovsky)


Magnification - (Lvov-Bakhmetev) 
Magnification - (Znamenny, Ledkovsky) 

Prokeimenon - (Lesser Znamenny) 

Post-Gospel Stichera - (Lvov-Bakhmetev) 
Post-Gospel Stichera - (Kievan, Ledkovsky) 

Canon - (Lesser Znamenny, Glagolev, 2 voices) 
Refrains - (Lesser Znamenny, Glagolev, 2 voices) 

Canon - (Lesser Znamenny, Glagolev, 4 voices) 
Refrains - (Lesser Znamenny, Glagolev, 4 voices) 

Canon - (Lesser Znamenny, Ledkovsky) 
Refrains - (Lesser Znamenny, Ledkovsky) 

Canon - (Lesser Znamenny, Yaichkov) 
Refrains - (Lesser Znamenny, Yaichkov) 

The Praises – Tone 1 - (Lvov-Bakhmetev) 
The Praises – Tone 1 - (Kievan, B.Ledkovsky)

Stichera on the Praises - (Lvov-Bakhmetev)
Stichera on the Praises - (Kievan, B.Ledkovsky)

Doxastichon at the Praises - (Kievan, B.Ledkovsky)

Divine Liturgy

First Antiphon (Znamenny) 
Second Antiphon (Znamenny) 
First and Second Antiphons (Serbian Chant)

Prokeimenon (Lvov-Bakhmetev)
Prokeimenon (Serbian Chant)

Hymn to the Theotokos (Glagolev, 2 voice) 
Hymn to the Theotokos (Glagolev, 4 voice) 
Hymn to the Theotokos (Ledkovsky) 
Hymn to the Theotokos (Serbian Chant)
Hymn to the Theotokos (Yaichkov)

Communion Hymn (Modern Greek - melody and ison, K. Lawrence)
Communion Hymn (Modern Greek - harm. K. Lawrence)
Communion Hymn (Serbian Chant)

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