Holy Transfiguration Church

Star, Alberta

Holy Transfiguration Church

Founded 1893


Part of the St. Tikhon Group of Churches

Serviced by deanery clergy.

Diocese: Archdiocese of Canada

Deanery: Alberta Deanery


Junction of Range Rd 192 and Twp Rd 564
Star, Alberta

Mailing address:

PO Box 1049
Lamont, AB T0B 2R0

Parish Contacts

Dean, Alberta and Northwest Territories Deanery
Holy Trinity Church
Smoky Lake, AB
Home: 780-656-3828


General Location
The church is located in Lamont County, at the corner of Range Rd 192 and Township Rd 564.

By Car
From Lamont, go 7 miles north and 2 miles east.

Schedule of Services

Services are in Slavonic and English, and the parish follows the Old Calendar.

Sunday Morning

Parish Background

The first Ukrainians or Galicians settled in the Star area in 1894.  Many churches and schools were built soon after their arrival.  A visiting Uniate priest advised the people to apply for a grant for land to build a church.  In 1899 a clear title was issued for 160 acres of which 40 acres were for the church and cemetery.  All members contributed money, materials and labor in the construction of their new church, which was completed in September 1899 and known as Greek Catholic Church of Limestone Lake.  It was consecrated in 1900 by Father Zacklinski who served this congregation until the spring of 1902, at which time the church was closed due to dissention in the congregation.  The people argued about whether they should remain Uniate Greek Catholic or become Russo Greek Orthodox.  They finally resorted to court action, going from District Court to Privy Council in London, England, who decided in favor of Greek Orthodox.

In 1913, the log church was dismantled and logs were cut into lumber which was used in the construction of the present church.  Over the years many improvements were made from a wood burning heater to an oil furnace to natural gas furnace, painting inside and outside, addition of electricity, new shingles, addition of pews, and the construction of a bell tower.  An old school was obtained and remodeled for use as a hall.

The church was lifted off its crumbling foundation, a new basement foundation was built and the church was replaced on the new foundation.

Both the church and cemetery are registered as historical resources.