St. Nickolas Church

Wostok-Bukovina, Alberta

St. Nickolas Church


Part of the St. Tikhon Group of Churches

Serviced by deanery clergy.

Diocese: Archdiocese of Canada

Deanery: Alberta Deanery

Mailing address:

Box 583
Andrew, AB T0B 0C0

Parish Contacts

Dean, Alberta and Northwest Territories Deanery
Holy Trinity Church
Smoky Lake, AB
Home: 780-656-3828


St Nickolas Church is located 1 km east of the hamlet of Wostok, Alberta.

Schedule of Services

Services are in Slavonic and English, and the parish follows the Old Calendar.

Sunday Morning

Parish Background

The Church has its early beginnings in the late 1890’s and it took three years of hard labour and determination to put it into condition so that in the summer of 1900 it was blessed and the first service held.  Fr Alexandr Antoniev was the first parish priest.

The Church is a one-story, log, shingle roofed building and is 28 feet wide and 45 feet long.  It is made of logs cut and hewn by hand.  These logs were hauled in from local forests and set on a foundation of rocks and stones from the local fields.  In 1922 a belfry was built and a bell was purchased for a sum of $422.

In 1939 the vestibule was enlarged, the siding was torn off the walls and replaced with two-ply paper, the windows were fixed, the doors were put in and the stairs built.  The members excavated under the church, poured a concrete foundation and built a basement.  Stucco was pit on the church and a new hardwood floor was installed.

In 1954 the church interior was painted and the hardwood floor was sanded and varnished.  Electricity was brought into the church in 1967.  In 1967 the church got another facelift.  The interior was paneled and the gallery and stairs were ripped out.  A new rug was installed in the altar and chairs were purchased.

As in the beginning, the present members are very strong believers of their faith and do everything they possibly can to keep our little church in its best condition.

On June 25, 2000, the church celebrated its 100th anniversary, with His Grace Bishop Seraphim and Rev Evan Lowig officiating.  After the Divine Liturgy and blessing of the commemorative monument, a banquet was held at the Wostok Hall.