Love without Limits

by Archimandrite Lev Gillet

Love Without Limits (12)

The Demands of Prevenient Grace

O Lord of Love, I beg you, don’t go so fast! I can’t keep up with you. You’re moving too quickly for me. Wait for me, let me catch up to you! Still, Lord, you have not stopped, you have not even slowed down.

Lord, I see you coming toward my house. Don’t trouble yourself to come to me; I’ll come as quickly as I can…

Love Without Limits (11): Tearing Down the Walls of Separation

A fortified city, encircled by ramparts that prevent anyone from entering or leaving, is a striking image of separation. It represents the very negation of Love without limits.

Every separation caused by a lack of love is sinful, whatever form it may take. All sin is separation. Separation, in fact, is the ultimate sin.

To separate oneself, to…

Love Without Limits (10)

Upward Movements

My dear child, God declares, Love without limits breaks through the limitations of your words.

I place in your heart and on your lips various ‘ascensions’ or upward movements, so that every word you use ‘explodes’ toward the infinite heights, surpassing every previous word and drawing you on to an ever greater mission.

You go.…

Love Without Limits (9)

“You are loved” (2)

“With what love, then, are you loved?” God asks. “I did not say, ‘You were loved.’ Nor did I say ‘You will be loved.’ I did not just love you yesterday or the day before. Nor is it simply tomorrow or the day after tomorrow that I will love you. You are loved today, at this very moment.

“So it is with every one of my human…

Love Without Limits (8): The Violent Announcement

Infinite Love storms the very gates of our life. It could be that I’ve already achieved a kind of peaceful co-existence with God. Perhaps I’ve been able to convince myself that I am more or less “in order” with my soul and therefore more or less at ease with myself. Maybe I’ve even foreseen a happy and peaceful ending to my earthly life.


Love Without Limits (7): You Are Loved

“My child,” God declares, “this word that I speak to you places you in the very heart of the Burning Bush. You are no longer on the threshold of the mystery, you have entered it fully. You are loved. If you truly want to receive them, these three words can shake and transform your very life.

“You are loved. We have to begin at the beginning. In the…

Love Without Limits (6)

“There was an evening and a morning…”

No less than six times in the first chapter of the first sacred book of the Hebrews, God is represented creating the days of the week and setting evening as the time at which the day begins.

The way people today count time is not Your way, O Lord. Instinctively, they tend to start the day with morning. The day…

Love Without Limits (5)

Upon Which Foundation?

“My poor children,” God says, “you want to live without me. What, then, do you depend upon? What is your essential foundation?

“My poor child,” He declares, “you think you can escape from me by plunging yourself into what you conceive to be the ‘natural world.’ But what you cling to is not at all the natural world in its…

Love Without Limits (4)

The Essential Connection

“My child,” God calls, “expand your vision to the dimensions of universal Love, to the dimensions of my Heart. Love without limits does not end with the human person. My Love upholds the entire universe. It is the essential connection, the vital bond, between all persons and things, and Him who loves them.

“Let yourself be…

Love Without Limits (3)

Boundless Love

“My child,” God declares, “you have seen the Bush that burns without being consumed. You have recognized Love, which is a consuming fire that desires you completely. The ‘great vision’ of the Burning Bush can help you give Me a new name. That name will not replace the name or names you have used until now. Nevertheless, like a…

Love Without Limits (2)

“A New Creation”

“My child, do not expect some new revelation,” says the Lord of Love. “I will speak to you only of those things that I have spoken from the beginning.

“What might be new in what I say is the special attention I shall give to certain aspects of eternal Truth.

“The time is coming when a deepening of Love will make an irresistible…

Love Without Limits

“To You, Whoever You May Be”

Whoever you are, whatever you may be, says the Lord of Love, my hand is resting upon you at this very moment. By this gesture, I am letting you know that I love you and that I call you for my own.

I have never ceased loving you, speaking to you, or calling you. Sometimes it was in silence and solitude. Sometimes it was…