Reflections in Christ

by Metropolitan Tikhon

Remarks of Metropolitan Tikhon at the Conclusion of the Office of Burial for Archbishop David

Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
December 1, 2020

This evening to offer hymns of departure to our brother and concelebrant in the Holy Mysteries, the newly-fallen asleep Archbishop David, who now lies surrounded by his brother bishops, his fellow clergy, and his beloved family and friends. Truly, the Lord himself, who…

Remarks of Metropolitan Tikhon at the conclusion of the Panikhida for Metropolitan Theodosius

Saint John the Baptist Orthodox Church, Canonsburg, PA
October 21, 2020

Your Eminences,
Very Reverend and Reverend Fathers,

This evening, we lift up prayers on the third day of repose of the newly-departed servant of God, His Beatitude Metropolitan Theodosius, of blessed memory. We offer these prayers in his home parish, the Church of Saint John…

On Stewardship and the Chancery of the Orthodox Church in America

“In my booklet, Of What Life Do We Speak: Four Pillars for the Fulfillment of the Apostolic Work of the Church, I define the second pillar, stewardship, as the “application of our spiritual life to the realities of the fallen world” (page 31).  Stewardship often has to do with financial matters but it includes our care for other human beings,…

The Still Small Voice of God

My Beloved Brethren and Blessed Children in the Lord,

Christ is in our midst!

It seems fitting today to say a few words about the Prophet Elijah and the still small voice of God in our lives.

The Prophet Elijah, whose memory we celebrate today, lived in tumultuous times. The people of Israel had rejected God and turned to idols, and their…

On Creation and the Environment

by His Beatitude Metropolitan Tikhon

Today is Earth Day. As the focus of this day is mostly on the climate crisis, or connections between COVID-19 and climate change, we wonder, where is the Creator, where is Jesus Christ, in all our talk about care of the Earth? In a brief reflection His Beatitude Metropolitan Tikhon helps us to refocus our hearts…