Theology of Lay Ministries

An Orthodox vision of the ministry of the laity.
Historical perspective.
One’s unique calling in God’s plan.
Ministry in daily life.

Time Management: an Orthodox Perspective

Volume III - 2009

The first thing to say, from an Orthodox perspective, is that there is no such thing as time management. We don’t manage time. Time manages us if we allow the Lord to have a place in our schedule.

Whose time is…

Laypersons: Co-Sharers In The Ministries Of The Church

Volume III - 2002

I. Definition

“Come, Lord Jesus” defines the marching orders for every Christian. Our life testifies that the Lord is coming at the end of time, and He is here now. His coming is a future-yet-present event. He is…

Women in the Mission of the Church

Volume II - 1996

The decade 1988-1998 has been proclaimed “Ecumenical Decade in Solidarity With Women” by the World Council of Churches. To promote an awareness of this Decade, several articles will appear in the Resource Handbook on…

Finding One’s Vocation in Life

Volume II - 1996

“God has made us who we are. He has put us where we are, even when it is our own self-will that has moved us. He has given us our time and our place. He has given us our specific destiny.”

When we consider the…

Lay Ministry - A Shared Responsibility

Volume I - 1989

(A keynote address given by Larry Jenney, Chairman of the Department of Lay Ministries, at the assembly of the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania on September 10, 1988)

I would like to share some thoughts with you…

Ministry of Laity in Daily Life

Volume I - 1989

The hidden ministry of the people needs to be brought into the light.

In practice, the church rewards institutional activities and gives little attention to men’s and women’s daily ministry in their workplaces, in…

To Serve

Volume I - 1986

Extracts from a keynote address given by Fr. Sergei Glagolev at a NY/NJ Conference on Lay Ministries (Transcribed and edited by Dr. Michael T. lrvin):

What is the implication, the meaning, the reality of baptism,…

Ministry of People

Volume I - 1985

An Interview With Fr. Sergei Glagolev On The Understanding of Lay Ministries

How do we in the Orthodox Church define Lay Ministries?

The difficulty with words like “lay ministries” is that the original intent of…