Stewardship Education

An Orthodox understanding of stewardship.
Stewards of God’s creation.

Financial stewardship programs.
The Parish Budget.

Ten Green Projects Any Parish Can Adopt

Volume III - 2009

With energy costs rising daily and consequential scenes of climate change seen nightly on national news, we might easily succumb to a sense of helplessness. As Orthodox Christians and for the love of Christ and His…

Moving From A Dues System To Stewardship

Volume III - 2000

Additional Resources: Sample Financial Pledge Form


History/Older Parishes Every parish has an historical perspective about stewardship. If it is an older, established parish, its…

And God Saw That It Was Good

Volume II - 1997

An Orthodox Christian Perspective On Ecological Justice And Change

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Gen. 1:1)

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.” (Luke…

An Orthodox Understanding of Stewardship

Volume II - 1995

How should a person living at the close of the second Millennium, especially one living in our North American culture, approach and understand the subject of Stewardship? Clearly it is not a new subject. We have all…

Parish Finances

Volume I - 1988

Today as Orthodox Christians we realize that the spiritual and material aspects of Church life are not only related, but in a real way united. For many of us, this renewed enlightenment has come about through the…

Church Budget and Stewardship

Volume I - 1988

An annual parish budget is a valuable tool to be used by the Church Council to meet its financial goals. It can also be an aid to the Stewardship Program. Just as in each home there are various expenses that must be…

Stewardship Terminology

Volume I - 1984

What’s in a word? Plenty! Each word in our vocabulary should be used as precisely as possible. The precise use of words helps us to communicate information to one another more clearly. The information is successfully…

Giving Children The Chance To Give

Volume I - 1984

To share in the financial support of the Church is an exhilarating experience, open to all Orthodox Christians, young and old. Certainly the bulk of financial support in any parish comes from the adult members, but…

The Parable of the Talents Mission Project

Volume I - 1984

One of the most familiar parables given to us by Our Lord Jesus Christ is that of the Parable of the Talents (Matt. 25:14-30). It deals with the good use and management of the talents given to us as a preparation for…