Community Service

Identifying the community and its needs.
Serving the hungry, the homeless, the naked, the imprisoned - locally, internationally.
Visiting the sick, the shut-ins.

The Opioid Pandemic - Part 4

Volume IV - 2019

Healthcare Professionals

In previous articles, I discussed the Opioid Pandemic and how there are three categories of people affected by this crisis.  There are addicts and recovering addicts who will benefit greatly…

The Opioid Pandemic - Part 3

Volume IV - 2019

Support for Family and Friends In this article I will address the second category of those affected by the Opioid Pandemic, the family and friends of current and recovering addicts.

Family and friends of current…

The Opioid Pandemic - Part 2

Volume IV - 2019

The First Affected Group:Current and Recovering Addicts

My first article on the opioid pandemic was an introduction describing how the opioid crisis became a pandemic, who is affected by it and what the Orthodox…

The Opioid Pandemic - Part 1

Volume IV - 2019

Introduction How an Opioid Epidemic has become a Pandemic, its meaning, its growth, who is responsible

The drug problem has been a major concern for decades, from the 1960s with marijuana and heroin, to the 1980s…

Compassion in Action

Volume IV - 2018

He looked much younger than his true age would suggest.  Unlike the rest of the clients at the local warming center in downtown Flint, Michigan, “Craig” was clean in appearance and sober.  He was one of about two…

Combating the Storm as a Frontline Responder

Volume IV - 2017

Fr. Thomas Moore ready to assist in the Columbia, SC flood

It all started innocently enough.  By October 7, 2015, it had been raining steadily for six days in Columbia, SC and I heard on the news the night before that…

Expanding the Mission in the Jersey Shore Area

Volume IV - 2016

For a number of years we have conducted an Adult Study and Discussion Group at Holy Annunciation Orthodox Church in Brick Town, New Jersey. Whether reading the Holy Fathers, liturgical theology, or contemporary…