Parish Development

An Orthodox vision of the parish.
Parish administration and leadership.
Needs and talents assessment.
Education in the parish.
Parish fellowship and outreach.
Addressing special needs, and problems in the parish.
Groups, organizations and programs that contribute to parish life.
Parish growth.

Beyond Alcoholism: Other Addictions

Volume IV - 2015

In our society, among our own family members and friends, including in the Orthodox Church, addiction to alcohol has been prevalent for decades.  Today, its severity has diminished and is being replaced by other,…

Personal Examination for Clergy and Church Workers

Volume IV - 2015

Fr. Hopko had this teaching distributed as spiritual preparation in advance of the 2013 OCA Parish Ministries Conference, “Equipping the Saints for Worship, Learning and Service”, Marymount University, Arlington,…

Introducing Children to Hymnography through Iconography

Volume IV - 2014

The liturgical life of our Orthodox Christian Faith is meant to be full of life, engaging, and reflecting Christ’s commission to his apostles to “Go and baptize all nations….” This is not a passive command,…

Parish Emergency Preparedness Planning

Volume IV - 2011

There is a saying in Oregon, “If you don’t want it to rain carry an umbrella.” Emergency Preparedness planning is similar to making a huge umbrella composed of many panes that in their entirety form a protective…

Disability and Communion

Volume III - 2010

The Department of Christian Service and Humanitarian Aid, as an important part of its ministry, has recognized and raised up the special needs of people with disabilities. Articles in the Resource Handbook for Lay…

Communal House Blessings

Volume III - 2008

The center of worship for a family is often the home, perhaps the holiest place there is. The home is where you gather with family to eat, to raise a family, to read the word of God. Jesus said, “If anyone loves Me,…

Church School Lenten Read-a-thon

Volume III - 2007

Church School Lenten Read-A-Thon Extra Resources

At our parish we are blessed to have as our priest’s wife, Lydia Westerberg, who is a professional librarian. She has helped us build up a wonderful parish library of…