Parish Development

An Orthodox vision of the parish.
Parish administration and leadership.
Needs and talents assessment.
Education in the parish.
Parish fellowship and outreach.
Addressing special needs, and problems in the parish.
Groups, organizations and programs that contribute to parish life.
Parish growth.

Using Technology in Service to the Church

Volume III - 2007

In this series, Protodeacon Kirill Sokolov examines the role of computer technology in the life of a parish community.

Part I. Savvy Infrastructure

When people united in fidelity to Christ and His Church form a…

Appropriate Confrontation in a Spirit of Christian Love

Volume III - 2007

“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!” There is a lot of wisdom in this old adage. In truth, as Christians we should only speak in love to our fellow man, including when the time comes that…

Why Adopt A Seminarian?

Volume III - 2006

I suppose most people go through life with their plans generally in place. I mean, they go through school, find someone they love, begin a career, get married, raise a family and then retire, enjoy their…

Parish Charitable Giving

Volume III - 2006

Holy Spirit Church in Wantage, New Jersey, Decides to Give a Tithe of All Its Fund- Raising Activity Profits to Charity

After being elevated to the status of a church by His Eminence, Archbishop Peter, of the former…

GIFT OF PRAYER: Prayer Partners: A Lenten Outreach Project

Volume III - 2006

Every year as we approach Great Lent, we enter into a time of preparation for Christ’s resurrection, Holy Pascha. We prepare ourselves by spending more time in prayer and meditation, in fasting and repentance. Not…

Twenty Somethings to Do with the Parish Family

Volume III - 2004

1) Pray and Worship Together

After Sunday Liturgy or on Feast Days, plan a get-together with the parishioners to have a brunch. Everyone should bring a covered dish to share. Rejoice in the Resurrection or the…