Witness and Mission

An Orthodox vision of witness and mission.
Witness in the community.
Public relations and the media.
Vocational witness.

Ten Simple Ways to Encourage Missions

Volume III - 2007

At the 14 All-American Council in Toronto, this quote from Fr. Alexander Schmemann was presented: “To recover the missionary dimension of the Church is today’s greatest imperative. We have to recover a very basic…

Philokalia Orthodox Bookstore

Volume III - 2006

The following pages offer an outline and suggestions gleaned from our experience with developing an Orthodox bookstore at Holy Apostles Orthodox Church, W. Columbia, South Carolina. We started in the corner of our…

A New Era Of Evangelistic Fervor

Volume III - 2002

I’m not an expert on matters of evangelism, yet the Scriptures are clear on calling us all to be instrumental in baptizing all nations in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. In my 33 years of…


Volume III - 2002

Spreading The Word

What do we do now? It’s a question many may ask when assessing their parish and its direction as they seek to witness for Christ in their parish and in their local community.

Desiring to respond…

A Multicultural Parish

Volume III - 2001

Urban Outreach

Over the past 20 years, Saints Cyril and Methodius Church, with a core membership of 75 to 80 adults and some 40 children, has revived, grown, and become a parish that uses its urban location to serve…

Project Billboard

Volume II - 1998

The Fellowship of Orthodox Churches in Connecticut (FORCC) last year rented five billboards which were located on major access roads in four different cities. The billboards read:


25 Years Of Mission Work At St. Mary’s Cathedral

Volume II - 1996

The following account is another example of the variety of ways one parish has responded to the needs of other Orthodox communities near and far. (See also Resource Handbook article, “Charitable Giving” by A. M.…