Stewardship Education

An Orthodox understanding of stewardship.
Stewards of God’s creation.

Financial stewardship programs.
The Parish Budget.

Financial Stewardship Education In The Parish

Volume I - 1983

When reading the New Testament, we are often surprised to discover that Jesus was concerned with man and his relationship with material possessions, and particularly with his money. One sixth of all the words of…

Review and Renew

Volume I - 1983

A story was once told about a father who had three sons. Following his death, the sons gathered together to discuss the appropriate distribution of many of their father’s belongings.

The oldest son chose his…

Financial Stewardship: One Parish’s Experience

Volume I - 1983

Stewardship, as defined in the Scriptures, is the proper management of the various gifts bestowed upon us by God. All that we have is given to us by the Lord, and it is our sacred duty to utilize what we haveĀ—our…


Volume I - 1982

For many of us, the need of raising money in the Church is viewed much as the Victorians viewed sex. It is necessary but not nice. Clergy and lay people alike see the fund-raising task in the parish church as an…