Family Life

An Orthodox vision of the family.
Family relationships.
Christian education in the family.
Family enrichment.

A Special Kind Of Witness: What About Abortion?

Volume I - 1986

Based on a radio broadcast by His Grace, Bishop Nathaniel

How shall we Orthodox witness to the community around us? The most obvious way, of course, is to share our beliefs and the teachings we have inherited. One…

Orthodox Christian Singles [No Longer Active]

Volume I - 1985

Orthodox Christian single people, while very much a part of our parishes, often find it difficult to be full participants when the traditional activities of the parish center around families, youth, and senior…

Focus on the Family

Volume I - 1984

Review of a Christian Film Series

Focus On The Family is a series of seven films by Dr. James Dobson. The films discuss a variety of topics related to family life, including discipline, authority, problems during…

My Vocation in the Family

Volume I - 1984

“Man enters deeply into the texture of the world through his family alone.” Father Alexander Elchaninov

To Live in the Kingdom of God, Now

In the “Our Father” I am taught to pray, “Thy Kingdom come,” and the…

Nourishing Children In Christ

Volume I - 1984

Jesus said, “Let the children come to me, do not hinder them, for to such belongs the Kingdom of God.” (Matt. 19:14) We as parents, have this awesome responsibility in directing our children to God.

How can we do…

For Wrung-Out Moms, Its Mops

Volume I - 1983

There were eight of us-all mothers of young children - and we were beginning to go a little stir crazy. We felt lonesome, isolated, and a little inadequate at the thought of raising a child.

Since we were all…

The Broken Family

Volume I - 1983

The broken, fractured family touches all of our lives and indeed is family life for some of us. The intact, happy American family could be placed on National Geographic’s list of endangered species. For a whole host…

What Leads Parents To Child Abused

Volume I - 1983

Too often we open our daily newspaper and our eyes are assaulted by the photograph of a tiny child who has been beaten by a parent. We are horrified, angry, and we ask: How could anybody do that to a child,…

Learning To Listen In Order To Learn

Volume I - 1982

“Easy does it,” “Let your fingers do the walking,” “Leave the driving to us,” “Instant coffee,” “Instant soup,” “Instant replay.” You name it and in our society, we can get it for you, not only wholesale, but faster…