Contemporary Moral Issues

Questions and Answers about Orthodoxy and the issues concerning today's contemporary moral society

Sex Education in Sunday School

Could you please inform me of the Orthodox Church’s position on the subject matter of sex education being taught to children by laity?

I’d like to know if the Church believes this is a “family…

Should I read The DaVinci Code?

Do you have an opinion of an Orthodox Christian [me] reading “The DaVinci Code” as part of a book club? I know it’s a novel, and would of course view it as such. Any thoughts would be…

Thoughts on the Terri Schiavo Case

In general, how should an Orthodox Christian view the current situation with Terry Schiavo? I guess one of the issues is that of extraordinary means. Does the Church have a position on…

Alzheimer’s Disease

What is the stance of the orthodox on the faith of the mentally diabled or those who have serious Alzheimer’s disease and are not aware of much around them.

12-Step Programs

I wonder if you would share your thoughts on how the Orthodox Church views Orthodox Christians participation in 12-Step Programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), etc.

My personal experience…


I was searching through your website for Q&A based upon our church and its beliefs and I was wondering if you can send me any information on suicidal situations and what the Bible has to say about…


For my university class, my group decided to write about the ethical issues of cloning. From a religious standpoint, how does the Eastern Orthodox Church feel about cloning?