The Liturgical Year

Questions and Answers about the Orthodox Liturgical year

Red Easter Eggs

It is my understanding that in certain Eastern Orthodox traditions, on Easter Sunday, either at, during, or after the Divine Liturgy, “Easter Eggs” are handed out or exchanged. In particular, in…

Customs of Great and Holy Friday

What is the proper way to approach the Tomb of Jesus [Winding Sheet, or Shroud] that is set up in church on Great and Holy Friday?

Which is supposed to be kissed first? The hands, feet, or Bible?

Entrance of the Mother of God into the Temple

I am not Orthodox, so please forgive my confusion about this. I am looking at an icon where Mary’s parents are presenting her to the high priest to be consecrated for a life within the temple. The…

Is “Easter” a pagan feast?

Today, I had a brief conversation with a work college about Easter. It stemmed from the question I asked him, “How was you Easter”—assuming he celebrated on the Gregorian date. He responded that…