The Sacrament of Marriage

Questions and Answers about the Sacrament of Marriage

Wedding Bands

On which hand should the wedding band reside on a couple married in the Greek Church?

My wife and I recently married and she kept hers on her right hand, while I moved mine to the left. I have…

Music at a Wedding Reception

My sister will be married in the Orthodox church this November.

She has asked that I prepare a tape of all of the “popular” russian folk dances that are typically played at the wedding reception…

Conversion after Divorce

Is it possible to convert to Othodoxy after being divorced?

I was married in the Roman Catholic faith and so far no annulment is contemplated. Would I be accepted into Orthodoxy and be granted…

Second Marriage, for a Roman Catholic

My question is, I am divorced, and I want to get married to a guy that is an Orthodox Christian. I am Catholic, and I am trying to get an annulment.

I was wondering, if I got the annulment would…

Second Marriage

My fiancé and I both are Greek Orthodox. My fiancé was previously married in Greece in an Orthodox ceremony. They have since divorced and the former wife has remarried (to a non-Orthodox). We want…

Second Marriage

I would like to know if an Orthodox man marries a Catholic woman, and this were his second marriage, would the Church recognize this marriage?

Divorce and Remarriage

What is the church’s stance on divorce?

How many times may one remarry? Are there differencesin the service.

Marriage & Annulment

My fiance and I are both baptized Catholics. I was never married and she is divorced. If we both were to convert to the Orthodox faith, could we be married in the Orthodox Church even though she…

Marriage to a Non-Christian

What is the Orthodox policy on marriage to a Jewish individual?

If there is a problem, can there be an exception in certain cases?

If so, with whom would I need to discuss this?

Marriage & Family Acceptance

My fiance is Orthodox, and I am not. I am not interested in converting, but I respect and honor his religion because I honor him. We have dated for five years and he accepts my philosphies.


Marriage in a Roman Catholic Church

I am hoping someone can help clarify a matter for me that has been prying on my mind for sometime. I was recently married to a wonderful woman who happens to be Roman Catholic. I therefore decided…

Marrying in Another Christian Church

My fiance and I want to get married in Spring next year. His family is [...] Orthodox, but we are getting married in my church, the Lutheran Church.

My question: I’d like to pick a date for the…

Inter-Faith Marriage

Is it possible for a Catholic to marry a Greek Orthodox person without converting religions but agreeing to raise the children Orthodox?

Marriage & Baptism

In your answer to a question about Orthodox weddings, you said that an Orthodox believer could not be married in an Orthodox ceremony unless the partner was also baptized. The person who asked the…

Orthodox Wedding Ceremony

My fiancé is Macedonian and was raised in the Orthodox church. As a result, it would be very meaningful for him to have an Orthodox wedding ceremony. I, on the other hand, was not raised in any…