Wedding Bands


On which hand should the wedding band reside on a couple married in the Greek Church?

My wife and I recently married and she kept hers on her right hand, while I moved mine to the left. I have heard that it is tradition in the Greek Church to move the band to the left after the honeymoon (after the consecration of the marriage), but have also heard that the band should be kept where the priest put it.

Which is preferred? Also, I am not Greek, but Roman Catholic. Does that make a difference?


Traditionally Orthodox Christians wear their wedding rings on their right hands, not their left. However, in Europe in general, whether in an Orthodox country or a non-Orthodox country, people wear their rings on the right hand. The custom of wearing rings on the left hand, to my knowledge, is a peculiarly American custom.

Many American Orthodox continue to wear their rings on the right hand; others choose to wear it on the left. There is no such custom in the Orthodox Church of switching the hand after the honeymoon. This may be a Greek custom, but not an Orthodox tradition.