The Seven Sacraments

Questions and Answers about the Seven Sacraments of the Orthodox Faith

Baptismal sponsors

My wife and I recently made enquiry concerning having our new born son baptized.  When we enquired as to whether my wife’s cousin, who believes in Jesus Christ but is not a member of the…

Baptismal Names

How does one pick a baptismal name when one converts? My daughter, age 12, will be baptised soon, and I will be either baptised or chrismated. Neither of our names “suit.”

The Sacraments

What about the sacraments? How many are there? How does the Orthodox Church understand them?

Questions on the Sacraments

I have two questions concerning the sacraments:

If a person is interested in becoming a member of an Orthodox Church in America (OCA) parish, and if that person was baptized in a Lutheran church,…

Seven Sacraments

I’d just like to ask a question about the sacraments. Were all seven sacraments around at the beginning of the church, or were they established centuries later?