Priesthood / Monasticism

Questions and Answers about priesthood and monasticism in the Orthodox Faith

Personal Faith and the Priesthood

For years I have felt drawn to the priesthood. However, I have one major obstacle to being a priest. I must confess that I am an atheist, or at the very least a very skeptical agnostic. Does this…

Ordination of Women

To ascertain whether the Orthodox Church is where I belong, I have read a couple of books by Bishop Timothy Ware. I was thrilled at what I read. However, something that I read about recently has…

Meaning in Monasticism

I am neither Roman Catholic nor Orthodox but am learning what I can about both communions. I’m reading Thomas Merton’s A Seven Storey Mountain, which leads to the question below.

In the Roman…

Entering a Monastery

I am a student who is convinced of the vanity and folly of this world and who would like to achieve inner peace the only way it is possible, through Jesus Christ.

Is monastic life the solution?

Archpriest / Archimandrite / Protopresbyter

The priest who performed the wedding that Iattended recently has been elevated to the dignity of Archpriest in the Antiochian Church. He is married. Is Archpriest or Propresbyter the highest he…

Priesthood / Languages

I hope you will be able to answer my question, Father.

We are Greek Orthodox. My son has recently shown interest in the priesthood. When I mentioned that he would first have to learn the Greek…

Late Vocations

I am a recent convert to Orthodoxy and am very interested in pursuing a vocation to the priesthood. I am in my mid-40s, a college professor, and have a Ph.D. I have heard very generally about the…

Ordination to Priesthood

I am interested in the priesthood, and I am new to the Orthodox faith, coming over from Roman Catholic, where I was a member of a religious order. Can you tell me what I need to do?

Divorce and Ordination

If a person had been married, and then is divorced, can he be ordained? Let’s say that the divorce was not his fault, and now he has remarried, can he pursue a priestly vocation?

Does Canon Law…

Online Ordinations

What is the official position of the Orthodox Church on clergy ordained through a “mail-order” or “on-line” ministry? I am considering becoming a member of the clergy. While there are no Orthodox…

Ordination of Women

What is the orthodox stance on ordination of women to the priesthood and episcopacy, and how do you back it up?

Procedure to Become a Priest

Dear Father,
I am a twelve year old an I wish to be a priest. I was wondering if perhaps you could tell me a procedure which would help me do so.