Ordination of Women


To ascertain whether the Orthodox Church is where I belong, I have read a couple of books by Bishop Timothy Ware. I was thrilled at what I read. However, something that I read about recently has thrown me.

I read comments by Bishop Ware and some Orthodox theologians that claimed that the Orthodox Church should ordain women priests.

The issue of priestesses has ruined the Episcopal Church. I searched for orthodoxy and thought that it was there in the Orthodox Church.

Does the Orthodox Church agree with Bishop Ware that women’s ordination is acceptable?


Thank you for your email concerning the comments made by Bishop Kallistos Ware.

While his comments must be understood in the context in which they were made, it is generally accepted that his opinions on the matter are nothing more than personal opinions and do not represent any “current trend” in Orthodox Christianity. There has been a degree of debate on the issue, but nothing that remotely approaches similar debates in Roman Catholic and certain Protestant circles.

While there are many aspects of this issue which one might discuss from a theological and traditional perspective, I am confident to say that the ordination of women is definitely something that we are not likely to see in our lifetimes, if ever. Hence, it falls in the realm of speculation; our faith challenges us to deal with reality.