Orthodoxy and Society

Questions and Answers about Orthodoxy and today's society

The Culture War

I am writing a research paper on the culture war, the clash between conservatives and liberals, in America. In order to fully write about the Christian perspective behind this issue, I need the…

Political issues

How do you reconcile this position of not only with the past history of the Orthodox Church which seems to have violated it, but with the Orthodox participation in ecumenical groups as the World…

The Good of Human Society

This sounds awfully other-worldly! Doesn’t the Church have any more direct relationship to the life of this world and the good of the human society right now?

This Evil World

You mentioned this evil world. What is the relation of the Orthodox Church to this world? What about such things, for example, as the Church and the State?

Intolerance & Cyberspace

Why, why, why is it not uncommon to read words like these, from members of the OCA? It is heartbreaking, and soul-sickening? And some hierarchs speak in almost similar terms!

Aren’t there some…

Cosmetic Surgery

What the Church have to say about cosmetic surgery? I’m thinking of reconstructing my nose, but do not wish to violate my faith,

Please tell me whether it is OK or not to perform such surgery on…

When is the Millennium?

My question is not really about the Orthodox Faith, but about a glaring error on the OCA website ...

Why does the OCA home page refer to the year 2000 as the millennium?

In our current calendar…

A Dialogue on Orthodoxy and Society

Ernst Benz, in his book The Eastern Orthodox Church (an Anchor paperback, now out of print), numbers among Orthodoxy’s weaknesses its tendency to align itself with the State, and its lack of…

The Promise Keepers

What is the Orthodox position on the Promise Keepers movement? Are Orthodox men allowed to participate?

Friends with Non-Orthodox

I have friends, from work, from high-school, university etc. with one thing in common. They have no interest in God or religion. Is it a sin to associate with them at all.

I make sure that I…

War and non-violence

What about the Orthodox relation to war? The fact that the Orthodox have blessed the military seems to contradict your entire position, not to mention the teaching of Jesus about non-violence.