Daily Life

Questions and Answers about the daily life of an Orthodox Christian

Why fast before the Nativity?

I was wondering why we fast before Nativity. The Lenten fast seems more obvious. Also, from what foods do we normally fast from during the Nativity fast?

Holy Tradition vs. Customs

With the Orthodox church being the true Apostolic church—meaning that the Apostles were the first Bishops/Priests of the Christian faith—why are there so many difference between the Orthodox…

Blessing Before Meals

I am searching for traditional byzantine prayers before meals. May I ask what blessing you say at dinner?

The Holy Spirit and Personal Guidance

There is a question that is close to my heart. Most Christians believe that God answers prayers, and many believe that the Holy Spirit can guide your life. What is the Orthodox doctrine about the…

Orthodox Fasting

Why do Orthodox Christians fast on Wednesdays and Fridays? Who decided that Orthodox fasting must include abstaining from animal products?

Wouldn’t it be more sacrificial for someone to give up…