Conversion after Divorce


Is it possible to convert to Othodoxy after being divorced?

I was married in the Roman Catholic faith and so far no annulment is contemplated. Would I be accepted into Orthodoxy and be granted all the holy sacraments without a church annulment?

Would I be able to re-marry in the Orthodox faith after my divorce is granted? I have many such questions. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Your divorce would not be an impediment to your conversion to Orthodox Christianity.

As far as remarriage, some Orthodox jurisdictions, such as the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, require ecclesiastical divorces, although I do not know if this would apply in your situation since you were neither Orthodox at the time of your marriage nor were you married in the Orthodox Church.

With regard to our jurisdiction—the Orthodox Church in America (OCA)—there is no process akin to annullment nor ecclesiastical divorce.

What I would recommend is that you talk thinks over with the pastor of the parish in which you plan to convert. He will be able to guide you properly within the parameters set forth by the jurisdiction in which his parish falls.