Second Marriage


My fiancé and I both are Greek Orthodox. My fiancé was previously married in Greece in an Orthodox ceremony. They have since divorced and the former wife has remarried (to a non-Orthodox). We want to get married but are not sure what we need to do first.

He does not have his original marriage licence papers. Do we need to obtain these papers from Greece before requesting our church to submit our requst for marriage before the church for approval? What is the process that the church does for such a request?

How long does it take for consideration or approval for a 2nd marriage be granted?


I would recommend that you contact the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America for further guidance, as I know that their regulations concerning marriage and divorce are somewhat different from those of the OCA because of regulations associated with Greece. Their web site is There you will find an informational link to which you can direct your question.

The other thing I would recommend is that you speak to the priest at the Greek parish to which you belong or in which you hope to be married.