TOC Subscriptions


A few members of our parish have asked about receiving The Orthodox Church. Is it true that all members of the Church should be receiving this publication? If so, how do I get these folks on the list?


Each year the rectors of each parish are asked to send an updated membership roster to the Chancery of the Orthodox Church in America. Throughout the year, rectors are asked to inform the Chancery of any additions to their rosters, as well as to any individuals or families who should be removed from the rosters for whatever reason—death, move, transfer to another parish, etc.

The Orthodox Church newspaper is sent free of charge to every address on each parish’s respective membership roster. Parishes are also expected to pay the prescribed OCA and diocesan assessments based on the number of members which appear on the roster.

If a member of your parish is not receiving The Orthodox Church, it is perhaps because his/her/their name/s were not included on a membership roster that was sent to the Chancery, or the person/s joined the parish after the roster was sent in and the rector did not update the roster with the Chancery.

The best place to direct those parish members who are not receiving The Orthodox Church is to the rector, who is responsible for submitting and updating his parish roster. The rector may submit any additional parish members whose names do not appear on the initial roster at any time to The Orthodox Church Subscriptions, PO Box 675, Syosset, NY 11791 or fax them to +1.516.922.0954 or email them.