Orthodoxy and Astrology


I’m fully aware that the Orthodox Church forbids astrology. But once, out of idle curiosity, I looked up my astrological sign and read about the personality type. It matched my personality nearly 100%. If the Church teaches that this is wrong, then how is it that astrology seems true in this case?


Have you ever heard of coincidence—or have you ever considered that the astrological “personality types” are go broad and so general that just about everyone would see himself or herself as fitting into what is described?
Also, have you considered that a “nearly 100% match” falls short of being an “absolute 100% match?”

I know many Capricorns, who are usually defined as being quite gregarious and outgoing, who suffer from social anxiety disorder. And I am sure that, if you check everyone born under your particular “sign,” they will have a wide variety of different personalities—even though they all might be predisposed to seeing themselves different than how they really are.

I know a woman who, years ago, went to an astrologist. He told her that she would move and live near water. Years later she got married and bought a house that had a creek running through the back yard. This, she claimed, proved that the astrologist indeed held the truth and forsaw her destiny. I responded by asking, “Where would one have to live to NOT be near water, short of Mars?” She insisted on remaining convinced that the astrologist held the truth and knew her future; his information was so general, however, that it was bound to come true at some point in time. Everyone, quite frankly, lives “near water.”

Jesus Christ is “the” Way and “the” Truth of our lives. There’s no truth in astrology. Stars do not control our destiny any more than rocks do.