Where to Begin?


One day while searching for information on Serbia, and the war, I found a orthodox website. I found myself looking with great interest at this site, which is unusual for me.

I grew up in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. I never really did accept their teachings. I always found it to be very cult-like. In most of the almost twenty years since leaving home I have been an agnostic. But in recent years I have found somthing missing in my life, something very important—God.

I have checked out a few churches, but none that I have found seem to live up to biblical principles.

Some of these churches have abandoned parts of the bible that do not seem to relate to modern life in America today. Some of these churches accept homosexuals, and have women as pastors. I do not claim to know everything about the bible, but what I do know is that the Christian church should not change just to fit modern society.

I wish to know God better, and I want to learn from a no-compromise church that does not change to suit modern attitudes. The Orthodox church interests me because it is the original Christian church.

I need to know where to begin, and would be very grateful for help.


I was most interested in the description of your spiritual journey and your interest in Orthodox Christianity. I am sure that you will find a home in the Orthodox Church.

There are two things I would suggest:

You will find a wealth of information on the teaching and practices of the Orthodox Church on the OCA website. This should provide you with a general introduction to the Orthodox Faith and a start in learning about the Orthodox Faith.

The best place to start is to make contact with an Orthodox parish in your area—there may, in fact, be several. I would encourage you to visit the parish(es) and see first-hand the life of the Church. Please remember that no two parishes are exactly alike, and every parish reflects the unique needs of the community it serves. Follow the links on the OCA web site to find the directory of OCA parishes. I would also encourage you to make contact with the local priest and set up a time to speak with him directly on your interest and concerns. This is the best way to begin your journey to Orthodoxy!