Establishing a Local Orthodox Church


I would just like to ask a question if I may. Is there anything that I could do to help establish an Orthodox church in my own hometown? Based on what I have read so far, Orthodoxy seems to make more sense to me than Protestantism or Catholicism. I would love to attend an Orthodox service, but the problem is that there are so few of them around. Do you think that there will eventually be more Orthodox churches in America?

As far as I know, there are only about five Orthodox churches here in Massachusetts, none of which are within a convienient distance (I do not have the ability to drive there).


I commend you on your desire to establish an Orthodox Church.

In Massachusetts there are dozens and dozens of Orthodox churches. Some belong to the Orthodox Church in America (OCA), others to the Greek or Antiochian or other jurisdictions.

To find listings of parishes for these canonical jurisdictions, visit:

OCA Directory of Parishes, Institutions, and Monasteries (OCA),
Pan Orthodox Directory (on St Vladimir’s Seminary website)
Or, the websites listed above for the Greek, Antiochian, or other jurisdictions
If you do not find a church near where you live let me know and I will find for you the directories of some of the other canonical jurisdictions.

If there is still no church near where you live, let me know and then I will pass along your request for information on establishing a mission to our Mission Department Director.