Looking for Instruction


I am looking for a mentor and instructor in the Orthodox Faith. Can you help me? I am currently practicing no denominational faith, but was born and raised a Roman Catholic. Yes, I am an interested convert. I need a mentor and teacher. I am willing to become active in worship & liturgical practices. I have a very deep spirituality.


Thank you for your email. I was happy to learn of your desire to embrace the Orthodox Faith!

I would be more than happy to direct you to someone who could instruct you if you can tell me where you live. Have you checked with any of the parishes in your area? The place to start is with the local parish community. You should contact the priest there, tell him of your interest in the Orthodox Faith, and try to participate in the life of the community to the fullest degree you can. The priest will be more than happy to offer you guidance and assistance.

If you can let me know where you are located, I can suggest a priest/community you may wish to contact. You can also use the OCA Directory of Parishes/Institutions/Monasteries to find those communities nearest to you.