Angel Day


I would like to know the meaning of the Day of Angel in Orthodox’s belief.

Is it the same as the Christian name?

What is the name of an Angel whose Day of Angel is June 3?


It is quite common among many Orthodox Christians to celebrate the feast day of the saint after whom they were named. In English this is called one’s “Name Day” or “Patronal Feast Day.” The Russian term for this would translate as “Angel Day.” When greeting someone on their Name Day one would say, “S Dnyom Angelom,” which literally translated means “With the Day of the Angel.”

Of course, this makes no sense in English, where the term “Name Day” and the greeting “Happy Name Day” more clearly express the nature of the occasion.

There are a number of saints commemorated on June 3, including the Martyr Lucilian and those who suffered with him at Byzantium; the Hieromartyr Lucian and with him Julian and Maximian; St. Athanasius of Cilicia; St Prince Demetrius of Moscow; and several others.